• Adrian Mallon

How I animate in Adobe After Effects

In this blog post I will explain how I tween and animate my characters in Adobe After Effects.

1. Firstly, I create a new composition and add a background, characters and other necessary layers to it. I then place them where I need them to be, scaling or moving them around.

2. After I figure out the placing and the scene I start tweening. In this scene I want Loren here to look step on the ground, while the camera pans up, and she blinks.

To do this I just used the scale tool to draw her down into the frame to give the sense of movement. Click the timer and put a keyframe at the start sand move the character so her feet are not in shot then a few seconds ahead I moved her into shot.

3. Next I need to make her blink. I need to go into her model composition and move her eyes to make them blink. Once in the model's composition I click on my eye layer and create a key frame from the point I want her to blink. Then I create another keyframe and change the scale of the eye so it looks smaller.

4. After that I create another key frame for the opacity of the eyes so I can place the closed eyes in their place. Create two keyframes both close together towards the end so the eyes go away naturally to emulate blinking. One keyframe with full then the next with 0%. Next place the closed eyes in their place and let them stay their for a few seconds. Do the same steps again just reversed to get the yes opened again.

5. and that should be it! below are the final results.

Thank you for reading!

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